Digiwalk Creative Walk & Walk of Modern Art / Salzburg

"Sphaera" 2007 am Kapitelplatz von Stephan Balkenhol, Sammlung Würth

The art project Creative Walk & Walk of Modern Art takes you to the most beautiful places in the old town of Salzburg and to hidden places where you don’t necessarily expect an encounter with art. The works of art by renowned artists such as Erwin Wurm or Marina Abramovic are within easy walking distance and freely accessible to everyone. With the app Digiwalk you can learn more about the found art objects in public space in a playful way. The app lists the found object and compactly illuminates its background.

If you want to get to know the app, simply go to the App Store and download it free of charge to your cell phone. Then search in the app under “Salzburg”, click on the route you found and off you go. As soon as you are within a radius of 10 meters from the object, the sculpture appears on the screen and the desired information is displayed.

Creative Walk & Walk of Modern Art, Salzburg

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