Boden für Alle / AzW Wien

Rademacher / de Vries Architects

Opening 09.12.2020 – 03.05.2021.

The AzW is showing an exhibition entitled “Soil for All”. The exhibition asks where a far-reaching and courageous bode policy remains: The surface of the earth is finite and soil is a precious commodity. Careless or capital-driven handling of this resource has massively changed the shape and function of cities and villages in recent decades. In view of the looming climate catastrophe and rising housing prices, the question arises as to whether the current path with maximum compromises and minimum adjustments is still sustainable. The progressive urban sprawl of the country has been under discussion for decades. In the meantime, all Austrians could be accommodated in existing single-family homes, and yet further land is still being dedicated to building, new shopping centers are being built on greenfield sites and chalet villages are being built in the Alps. Progressive sealing contributes to the climate crisis and endangers food security.

Boden für Alle
09.12.2020 – 03.05.2021
Architekturzentrum Wien 
Museumplatz 1
1070 Wien