Želimir Žilnik “Shadow Citizens” / Kunsthalle Wien

(c) Zelimir Zilnik

Reopening 08.12.2020 – 17.01.2021.

An exhibition in the Kunsthalle Wien is dedicated to Želimir Žilnik’s thoroughly radical film work. Since his beginnings in the lively amateur film scene that developed in Yugoslavia in the 1960s, Žilnik has made over 50 films, including numerous feature films and television productions, which often belong to the genre of documentary drama. His work quickly gained international recognition; for Early Works he won the Golden Bear for Best Feature Film at the Berlinale in 1969.

Želimir Žilnik
Shadow Citizens
08.12.2020 – 17.01.2021
Kunsthalle Wien 
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Wien