Gerlind Zeilner / Traklhaus, Salzburg

(c) "Brille" Gerlind Zeilner

09.02.2021 – 13.03.2021. Paintings and drawings by Gerlind Zeilner at the Traklhaus.

An exhibition of Gerlind Zeilner’s work will be on view at the Traklhaus in Salzburg from the beginning of February. Zeilner’s paintings move between abstraction and figuration and often show a strong colorfulness. 

Through coloring, handwriting and painterly gestures, the artist creates a certain atmosphere, which sometimes appears strong and cheerful and then again tense and subdued. Colorful or colorful here by no means always means cheerful.

Gerlind Zeilner
09.02.2021 – 13.03.2021
Waagplatz 1a
5020 Salzburg