Motzart Festival / Arge Kultur, Salzburg

(c) Motzart Festival

From 03.02.2021 – The Motzart Festival is searching for the truth.

The Arge Kultur in Salzburg will host the Motzart festival at the end of January. In its 39th edition, the cabaret and satire festival is dedicated to the post-factual age. Where is the truth and who knows it? These are some of the questions the festival tries to answer. A story of decline is also told: the achievements of the Enlightenment – rationality, objectivity and scientificity are in retreat, it is said – irrationality, subjectivity and emotionality are taking their place. In the midst of digital information floods, between targeted disinformation and fake news, alternative facts and conspiracy theories, we seem to have lost the assertion of a valid truth – with all the dramatic consequences for the stability of our political systems. Perhaps satire is one of the few places where truth can still be spoken? The Motzart Festival will try to answer this.

Motzart Festival
From 03.02.2021
Ulrike-Gschwandtner-Straße 5
5020 Salzburg