Der junge Hitler / Nordico Stadtmuseum, Linz

Gruppenbild der vierten Volksschulklasse, Hitler in der obersten Reihe Mitte.

16.04. – 15.08.2021.

The exhibition taking place at the Nordico in Linz deals with the dictator’s formative years between 1889 and 1914. The Second World War, unleashed more than 75 years ago by Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists, is taken as an opportunity to investigate the causes. Where did militarism, racial hatred and anti-Semitism come from? And to what extent were these schools of thought already anchored in society before the First World War broke out? The biography of Hitler up to 1914 and the political currents of the time are presented in a kind of parallel narrative.

Der junge Hitler 
16.04. – 15.08.2021
Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz
Dametzstr. 23
4020 Linz