Designmonat / Graz

Designmonat, Schlossberg (c) OchoReSotto

08.05. – 06.06.2021.

The Designmonat takes place from the beginning of May to the beginning of June in Graz and is entirely dedicated to the theme of redesigning the future. Under the title “Better Future”, the question will be explored as to what solutions and possibilities design can offer for a better future. It will also be asked to what extent designers themselves are responsible for providing new approaches to solutions.

The exhibition “Fantastic Plastic” accompanying the Design Month aims to give the term plastic a better image and draw attention to the fact that it is above all the incorrect disposal of plastic that makes plastic so problematic. The endless uses of plastic are shown in this exhibition, including children’s furniture by EcoBirdy from Belgium, bags by the Swiss label FREITAG, fashion by the Russian designer Galina Larina and the Linz stool by the Austrian designer Thomas Feichtner.

08.05. – 06.06.2021
various locations

Fantastic Plastic
08.05. – 06.06.2021
Herrengasse 16 (ehemaliger Stiefelkönig)
8010 Graz