Ingrid Schreyer “vegrandis” / Stadtgalerie Lehen, Salzburg

(c) Ingrid Schreyer in der Stadtgalerie Lehen

11.02. – 30.04.2021.

The Stadtgalerie Lehen in Salzburg is hosting an exhibition of works by Ingrid Schreyer. Under the title “vegrandis” one encounters the ecological and resistant parallel events in human spaces of action. Small and tiny auxiliary particles for the reclamation and insurance of paths and overgrown areas are designed starting points in it, on whose traces the way of life of man interwoven with nature is made visible in drawings.

Ingrid Schreyer

11.02. – 30.04.2021
Stadgalerie Lehen
Inge-Morath-Platz 315020 Salzburg