CIVA 2021 / online

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19. – 27.02.2021.

CIVA stands for Contemporary Immersive Virtual Art and refers to a festival that will take place mainly virtually until the end of February. The festival is curated and organized by the agency sound:frame.

From February 19 to 27, 2021, and under the title “Social Distancing – Virtual Bonding,” CIVA will explore the question of whether and how current technologies enable us to remain connected to each other on a virtual level in times of physical distancing. The program of Vienna’s new media art festival includes a virtual exhibition open around the clock, a three-day discourse program with international talks, workshops, and performances, four live concert evenings, two film screenings, a digital wellness day, and a comprehensive educational program including theme-oriented CIVA Ambassador Groups, numerous tours, and special workshops for young people.

CIVA 2021
19. – 27.02.2021