Elodie Grethen „Guarding Lions“ / Bildraum 01, Wien

(c) Elodie Grethen | Ehlimana Elma, aus der Serie Guarding Lions 2019 C-Print 30x45 cm | (c) Bildrecht Wien 2021

03.03. – 02.04.2021.

Bildraum 01 presents works by photographer Elodie Grethen. For her project Guarding Lions, Elodie Grethen photographed people of different genders and social backgrounds living in Sarajevo. The photo series addresses equality and resistance and the right to the city (Henri Lefebvre, 1968). Through social media and word of mouth, the photographer connected with activists, artists, and individuals who, based on their practice, activism, sexual orientation, or gender identity, challenge the traditional patterns of gender distribution in the post-war society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and portrayed them in locations of their choice. Discrimination and violence characterize the everyday life of the LGBTQ movement in the Balkan country, which is marked by nationalism and conservative patriarchal stereotypes.

Elodie Grethen „Guarding Lions“
03.03. – 02.04.2021

Bildraum 01
Strauchgasse 2
1010 Wien