imagetanz 2021 / brut, Wien online

(c) Bubi Canal

ab 06.03.2021.

The Imagetanz festival is taking place, albeit largely digitally: the annual dance festival held in March has conquered the digital space and awaits its audience there with a variety of different productions.

This year, the colorful program can be experienced in the form of international online performances, online film premieres and Zoom Meetings. The program includes two international guest performances specially designed for the digital space. One is “Body of Knowledge – at Home” by Australian artist Samara Hersch and the other is an interactive competition show “Under Pressure” by Henrike Iglesias. Further projects will be adapted for the digital space by imagetanz artists and presented as a film program in March. Among others, you can see works by Jaskaran Anand, Julia Müllner, Johanne Nielson, Agnes Schneidwind and Marina Poleukhina. The complete program can be found online.

ab 06.03.2021