Yan Pei-Ming / Galerie Ropac, Salzburg & online

(c) Yan Pei-Ming, self portrait

bis 20.03.2021.

On view at Ropac Gallery are works by Yan Pei-Ming. The artist’s new series of works explores the complexity of current global developments and their multi-layered implications, both on a social level and on a personal and emotional level. While in recent years Yan Pei-Ming’s practice has been dominated by an exploration of the works and legacies of other painters, including Gustave Courbet, this exhibition marks the artist’s return to the self. Painted in recent months, the self-portraits and still lifes in this exhibition are imbued with feelings of confinement and loneliness experienced by the artist during his imprisonment. The exhibition can also be viewed online.

Yan Pei-Ming
bis 20.03.2021
Galerie Ropac & online
Mirabellplatz 2
5020 Salzburg