Glowin in the Dark / Galerie Vor-Ort, Drei Fenster zum Weg, Altach Vorarlberg


bis 05.04.2021.

The exhibition “Glowin in the Dark” is shown in the gallery Vor-Ort, Drei Fenster zum Weg. Martina Feichtinger, the artist in charge, lets countless paper butterflies fly in her exhibition and presents one of her screen prints. In order to get in touch with visitors despite the lockdown, the exhibition organizers have developed an idea: the population of Altach is provided with butterflies that can be provided with wishes. For this purpose, a box with blank butterflies was installed in the gallery. The wishes collected in this way will be recited by the artist as part of a performance at the finissage.

The gallery Vor-Ort – Drei Fenster zum Weg is an art project in public space on the private initiative of the three Vorarlberg artists Verena Leija, Mirjam Steinbock and Roland Adlassnigg. The gallery is housed in a steel container that stands next to a single-family house in the Vorarlberg community of Altach. The container’s three windows face the Alteichweg hiking trail. Since 2019, four exhibitions of contemporary visual artists have been presented annually in the container’s three windows. These serve as a reflection of contemporary visual arts in Vorarlberg.

„Glowin in the Dark“
bis 05.04.2021
Galerie Vor-Ort, Drei Fenster zum Weg
Mühlbachstraße 5
6844 Altach