Vorarlberger Kulturpicknick / Bregenz, Vorarlberg

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Walking in the footsteps of William Turners: 180 years ago, William Turner traveled to Venice and chose Bregenz for a stopover. The master produced at least fourteen watercolors, drawings and sketch sheets in Bregenz. On a walking tour with Austria Guide Karl Dörler, the artist’s perspectives and views can be traced. The art-historical guided tour focuses on Turner, his working methods and his work, as well as on the small town of Bregenz during the Romantic period.

Termin: 27.03.2021, 15:00 bis ca. 17:30Uhr
Treffpunkt: Künstlerhaus Bregenz, Gallusstraße 10, 6900 Bregenz
Guide: Austria Guide Karl Dörler
Preis: EUR 10.- pro Person