editta braun Company „Long Life“ / Szene Salzburg

(c) editta braun company "Long Life" , Foto: Bettina Frenzel

30.04. & 01.05.2021.

The editta braun Company brings “Long Life” to the stage at Szene Salzburg. The play is about two women, one 74, the other 34 years young. “Long Life” reflects duration, events and traces of a long human life with all its experience and maturity, disillusionment and bitterness, weariness and mildness, but also with the persistent longing for a better world. The 74-year-old actress, dancer and founder of the Toihaus Theater Salzburg Myrtó Dimitriádou takes the stage once again in this memorial journey through a long life. At her side is Cat Jimenez as a carefree and life-hungry young woman. Her strength and grace make her a beacon of hope and an extended arm into the future for a long life that is coming to an end.

editta braun Company „Long Life“
30.04. & 01.05.2021
Szene Salzburg
Anton-Neumayr-Platz 2
5020 Salzburg