Graz Kulturjahr 2020: Der Grazer Kunstverein zieht um / Graz

(c) Grazer Kunstverein, Heikkilä


As part of the Year of Culture 2020, more than 20 invited artists from Austria and abroad are relocating the site of the Grazer Kunstverein to urban space – a spectacular feasibility study. The temporary events and art projects, closely related to the cultural diversity of Graz’s 17 districts, will take place throughout the year in public and private spaces. Each of the site-specific artistic projects represents a possible Graz art association in a completely new environment. The project explores where art and culture are located in the city of Graz outside of the responsible institutions, who has access to cultural activities and what different forms of engagement are possible.

The Grazer Kunstverein in Burggasse, designed by the Scottish-Danish artist Edward Clydesdale Thomson, acts as a central hub. The depot provides information for visitors, serves as a workspace for those involved, and as a place to document temporary activities throughout the city.

Graz Kulturjahr 2020: Der Grazer Kunstverein zieht um