Graz Kulturjahr 2020: Future Classroom on stage / Graz

(c) Graz Kulturjahr 2020, Office for Media and Arts International GmbH

08.06. – 02.07.2021.

How does digitalization affect the personality development of young people? This question is being explored by a project of the digital elementary school St. Leonhard together with the artist duo Lauma.Launisch.

Pupils deal with the topic of digitization and the effects on their personal development in a playful and artistic way: in workshops in the “Digital Lab” a new prototypical school ambience built in the digital elementary, and secondary school St. Leonhard, the pupils explore their future aspirations. Under the motto “Culture creates an urban future,” they are invited to participate directly in the process of shaping society. This is made possible through workshops with guest lecturers, with their own creative video works and through a temporary artistic installation, which is realized on the school forecourt and on the facade.

The results from the workshops will be presented and discussed publicly at an event on the school forecourt with large-screen projections. The documentation will take place via web platforms. The artist duo Luma.Launisch will turn the contributions into a final cinematic work of art.

08.06.2021 Digital Augmented Reality Artwork.
Workshop with ARTIVIVE x Eva Fischer (sound:frame). Together with the Viennese Artivive App and the curator Eva Fischer
the students create a digital augmented reality artwork in the future classroom.

09.06.2021 A Number of Favourite Things
Our small gallery of the most beautiful pieces/digital_analog: about the nature of things

10 – 11.06.2021 Virtual Painting for Large Screen Projection
Workshop with TAGTOOL Matthias Fritz
Tagtool is a tool for live painting and animation in real time, currently available as an app for the iPad. It enables new forms of public art performance, stage design and creative education.

02.07.2021 Opening / Presentation

Graz Kulturjahr 2020: Future Classroom on stage
08.06. – 02.07.2021