Graz Kulturjahr 2020: Transletter / Graz

(c) Kulturjahr2020, Lichtungen Transletter


As part of the Graz Year of Culture 2020, the Graz-based literary magazines ausreißer, Lichtungen and perspektive are cooperating. The three editorial teams will jointly publish two multilingual special issues in newspaper format, oriented to languages frequently spoken in Graz. These special issues, entitled “TRANSLETTER”, are to be produced, presented and distributed in spaces that are little represented in cultural-public life, and to document and accentuate the cultural potential of linguistic diversity, because: Multilingualism is an urban everyday reality.

“TRANSLETTER” aims to create access to reading literary journals and participation in critical-reflective social discourses. “TRANSLETTER” is an attempt to overcome linguistic and socially conditioned separation and exclusion, to point to writing as an emancipatory means, and to make languages that are little represented in the public space of the city of Graz visible.

Graz Kulturjahr 2020: Transletter