Guillaume Bruère „Dead & Alive, Alte Meister“ / Kultum Graz

Guillaume Bruère *1976 in Châtellerault (FR), lebt in Berlin (DE) Ohne Titel (Agnus Dei) 2007 Verschiedene Materialien; 33 × 67 × 38cm KULTUMdepot Graz, aus: VULGATA. 77 Zugriffe auf die Bibel (2017) und: Glaube Liebe Hoffnung (2018)

05.03. – 08.05.2021.

An exhibition of works by Guillaume Bruère is on view at Kultum in Graz. In “Dead & Alive, Old Masters” the artist Bruère deals with works and approaches of Giorgione, Piero della Francesca, Dürer, El Greco, Caravaggio or Rembrandt. Radical religious images emerged from the central figurations of Christianity: Crucifixions, Adams and Evas, Marys, Apostles. “I’m learning to paint,” he says laconically of this new phase. There is hardly an artist in the international art scene who takes on the “old” figures of Christianity with such transparency and fragility as Guillaume Bruère. With an excessive devotion Bruère dedicates himself to Christian subjects, which are shown at KULTUM for the first time in a solo exhibition.

Guillaume Bruère „Dead & Alive, Alte Meister“
05.03. – 08.05.2021

Kultum – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst und Religion
Mariahilferplatz 3
8020 Graz