Salonvortrag: 250 Jahre Beethoven / Villa Falkenhorst, Thüringen, Vorarlberg

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Villa Falkenhorst will host a salon lecture: 250 Years of Beethoven. Beethoven’s creative process – a search for traces. Beethoven noted down ideas, drafts and elaborations for almost all of his works. He carefully preserved his working papers. There is hardly another composer from whom so many handwritten sources have survived that provide information about his compositional thoughts, actions and decisions. The lecture looks at the “myth of Beethoven” from the perspective of individual stages of his creative process in the context of biographical events. The speaker is Bernhard Achhorner, from the University of Innsbruck, Institute for Musicology.

Salonvortrag: 250 Jahre Beethoven

Villa Falkenhorst
Flugelin 3
6712 Thüringen