Lois Weinberger / Kunsthaus Bregenz

(c) Weinberger Garten 16. Mai 2017 Centre Pompidou Metz / Foto Studio Lois Weinberger

30.04. – 04.07.2021.

Known for his landscape works, Lois Weinberger has played a decisive role in shaping the debate on art and nature to this day. He is considered one of the most important contemporary artists. Until the end he worked on a poetic-political network, for special projects in public space also together with his wife Franziska. As an artistic fieldworker, he always had the marginal zones of urban and natural spaces in mind, as well as their conversion and enhancement, for which he developed his own vegetation aesthetic. 

Lois Weinberger’s portfolio of images, a new KUB acquisition, will be presented as a complement to the main exhibition House of Meme by Pamela Rosenkranz in the basement of Kunsthaus Bregenz. Among other exhibits, the sculpture Invasion (2013) will be shown, a life-size figure made of cast aluminum with tree fungi growing on its body. 

In front of the Kunsthaus Bregenz, hundreds of buckets filled with earth are arranged in a square. This work has been laid out in various locations over the past decades, including 2017 in Metz for the Centre Pompidou. Flying seeds fertilize the soil and create an island of plants on Karl-Tizian-Platz through random growth.

KUB Basement und KUB Platz 
Lois Weinberger 
30.04. – 04.07.2021