Einatmen. Ausatmen / Kultum, Graz

(c) Nina Schuiki

19.05. 30.08.2021.

Exercises are what the Kultum invites you to do with the multi-specialty project Inhale. Exhale. Interdisciplinary exercises, reflections on “breath” with a group exhibition, writing assignments, discourse and a festival of new piano music, which takes place for the first time. Inhale, Exhale is the “preview” of a center for the present, art and religion in the – still – hidden, which is in the making. It seeks the life-affirming in the breath, while the virus of the world seems to continue to take it.

Einatmen. Ausatmen
19.05. – 30.08.2021 Multi discipline project Einatmen.Ausatmen

Mariahilferplatz 3
8020 Graz