Marko Zink „Water, what“ / Kulturforum Peking

(c) Marko Zink / KF Forum Beijing

14.05. – 10.06.2021.

KF/OSTA Beijing’s “Water, what?” event kicks off the “Let ́s talk future” sustainability dialogue series. Under the motto “Art meets science,” Zink’s photographic works from the series “Swimmers” will be presented. The underwater photographs literally immerse the viewer in the simple formless, intangible beauty of the element. This becomes representational through the addition of, for example, a shirt for a brief moment captured by the artist. Zink’s works will be juxtaposed with large-scale water paintings by Chinese artist Jiongwen Shi, theses by Chinese water researcher Zhou Lei, and impulses by water activist Xiaoyuan Ren. Podcasts will be generated from this and other events, which will be offered to interested listeners in Austria and China.

Marko Zink „Water, what“
14.05. – 10.06.2021