Alfredo Jaar „Das Rote Wien“ / MAK, Wien

(c) Alfredo Jaar "Das Rote Wien"

09.06. – 05.09.2021.

How did the buildings of the interwar period, shaped by the socio-political visions of social democracy, influence Vienna’s social life? This is documented in photographic works by Chilean photographer Alfredo Jaar in an exhibition at the MAK in Vienna.

“In the mid-eighties, on my first trip to Vienna, I began to visit and photograph Red Vienna. As an architect and artist, Red Vienna captivated me as soon as I discovered its first buildings. Impressed by its topicality and moved by its afterlife, I searched for its traces on walks that lasted hours and days,” says Alfredo Jaar, 2004.

A 35-part photo series documents Alfredo Jaar’s interest in “Red Vienna.” Social housing, socio-political and urban developments of the city of Vienna in the interwar period are shown. Thus, the focus is on the seemingly almost utopian achievements in the field of social housing. For his exhibition at the MAK, the artist developed a multi-layered spatial installation that documents his many years of artistic engagement with Red Vienna. Jaar immerses the entire exhibition space in an intense red light, creating an atmosphere that symbolically illuminates the social model of Red Vienna.

Alfredo Jaar „Das Rote Wien“
09.06. – 05.09.2021
Stubenring 5
1010 Wien