Stephan Keppel „Hard Copies“ / Camera Austria, Graz

(c) Stephan Keppel "Hard Copies"

11.06. – 15.08.2021.

On display will be a selection from the extensive city portraits – series that Stephan Keppel produces. In addition, there will be a small portrait-in-progress on view, with the artist’s visual responses to his first encounter with Graz. Keppel’s working method is characterized by an intense process of walking, collecting, scanning and printing (and re-scanning and re-printing). Through his attention to detail in the depiction of structures and architectures and his awareness of the continuous recycling of the built environment, Keppel’s images eschew the usual safe distance that turns cities into urban landscapes. Since last year, in addition to his studio in Amsterdam, Keppel has been running a print workshop on his parents’ former farm in his hometown.

Stephan Keppel „Hard Copies”
11.06. – 15.08.2021
Camera Austria
Lendkai 1
8020 Graz