„Zelle“ Forced labor in Montafon / Montafoner Heimatmuseum Schruns, Vorarlberg

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ab 08.06.2021.

Forced labor means having to work against one’s will, under undignified conditions and far from home.

The National Socialists degraded about 20 million people throughout Europe to labor slaves. Some 15,000 to 20,000 forced laborers were also deported to Vorarlberg. One third of them were women. In Montafon alone, 5,000 forced laborers had to work at times under partly inhumane conditions.

Forced laborers were used on large construction sites and in industry, trade and agriculture. The largest groups came from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Poland and France. They were to replace the native men who were deployed on the war fronts.

„Zelle“ Zwangsarbeit im Montafon
ab 08.06.2021
Montafoner Heimatmuseum Schruns
Kirchplatz 15
6780 Schruns