Bezau Beatz 2021 / Bezau, Vorarlberg

(c) Bezau Beats 2021

06. – 08.08.2021.

The Bezau Beats music festival once again features musicians from the fields of jazz, singer & songwriter and world and pop music outside the mainstream. In addition to the evening concerts, the legendary Wälderbähnle ride is a must. You can indulge in music at various locations in and around Bezau, for example in the Winterstaude, Kanisfluh, in the remise of the Wälderbähnle, the Panorama Plattform Baumgarten as well as the Kunstschmiede of Peter Figer.


Insomnia Brass Band, KAJU eats cheeseburgers, Maarja Nuu, No Tongues “Les Voies de l’Oyapock” 

Leif Berger / Felix Hauptmann, Electric Vocuhila, Isolde Werner / Karoline Höfler, Demian Cabaud OTRO CIELO, Edi Nulz, Django 

SoKo Steidle, Matthias Schriefl & Johannes Bär 

Bezau Beatz 2021
06. – 08.08.2021
various locations