Sommerakademie für Theater 2021 / Graz

(c) Sommerakademie für Theater

09. – 27.08.2021.

Ballet, clown theater or the art of writing: workshops on acting, dancing and singing are the focus of the Summer Academy for Theater. The right one can be chosen from over 30 workshops, and the program is designed to appeal to professionals and amateurs alike. If children, families and seniors also get their money’s worth, young talents who are about to take entrance exams or are in training will benefit most from this mix and the affordable range of courses. “What is special about the Summer Academy is that the participants have a playground with us. In addition to the challenging courses, we offer plenty of room to experiment. Drawing strength from creativity is now more important to many than a week’s club vacation,” says Gregor Kleczkowski from the organizing team. At the end of the Summer Academy, some courses have final performances. They not only offer participants the opportunity to apply what they have learned and bask in the spotlight, but also attract local audiences.

Sommerakademie für Theater 2021
09. – 27.08.2021
various locations