Georg Scherlin „A rolling stone gathers no moss“ / Stadtgalerie Museumspavillon, Salzburg

(c) Georg Scherlin

10.06. – 23.07.2021.

In his installation in the former bird house, Georg Scherlin examines the cultural shaping of nature between romanticization and entrepreneurial thinking. How does this present itself? Discarded greenhouses serve as habitats for mushroom cultures, whose growth increasingly overgrows the designed interior. On the exterior facades of the greenhouses, illustrations tell of social practices of anthropomorphic beings, whose traces and (pre-)historical documents are made visible in the adjacent room by means of models. Architecture and utilitarian objects merge into overgrown landscapes, questioning the often hierarchically conceived natural history history of ideas with their symbiosis mediated by mycelium. Miniature dioramas that transform cultural waste products and consumer goods into architectural landscapes function as a counter-design to the expansive installation. In them, the traces of an imagined civilization are revealed, questioning the dialectic of untouched nature and industrial production.

Georg Scherlin „A rolling stone gathers no moss“
10.06. – 23.07.2021
Stadtgalerie Museumspavillon
5020 Salzburg