Pythia / Arge Kultur

(c) Pythia, Matthew Mosher / Arge Kultur


Pythia is an interactive installation as well as a hotline oracle by Matthew Mosher that revolves around the questions of what is truth and where fiction begins. Originally created for Digital Spring 2020, this date unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Pythia masquerades as an old-fashioned push-button phone, but is a freshly programmed AI. It wants to get in touch with the other person in different ways. You can, for example, tell the future or get advice from a robot psychologist, invent stories together or even start a love affair with Pythia. The joke here is that parts of the answers are stored anonymously and thus remain in PYTHIA’s memory for the next conversation. So what is true about PYTHIA and what is fake? And what does that have to do with your own truth?

Pythia – interaktive Installation
Arge Kultur 
Ulrike-Gschwandtner-Straße 5
5020 Salzburg