STEIERMARK SCHAU: was sein wird. Von der Zukunft zu den Zukünften

(c) VPZ Verpackungszentrum, Produktpalette, Foto: Marija Kanižaj


Peace, joy, future cake: Premonitions of the Future between Idyll and Dystopia at the Kunsthaus Graz.

The province of Styria commissioned the Landesmuseum Joanneum to design a new “Styrian Exhibition” as a follow-up project to the earlier provincial exhibitions, which can currently be seen in Graz and throughout Styria.

The four-part exhibition project with individual exhibitions on the themes “was war. Historical Spaces and Landscapes” at the Museum of History, “As It Is. Worlds – Change – Perspectives” at the Museum of Folklore and “Who We Are. Art – Diversity – Landscape,” which travels throughout Styria in a mobile pavilion, will take place at the Kunsthaus Graz with the exhibition “what will be. From the future to the futures” reaches its thematic conclusion.

Kathrin Bucher Trantow, curator of the exhibition at the Kunsthaus, sees the project primarily as an “invitation to form opinions and review one’s own positions.” The exhibition is an attempt to develop models for interpreting the future not only from the perspective of possible technological or socio-economic developments, but also to incorporate artistic positions beyond political or economic usability.

The photograph “the future you see”, from the series “Your Way to the Top”, on which the two old masters of photographic art Helmut & Johanna Kandl have been working since 2001, is captivatingly ambivalent between yesterday and what will be.

Alois Mosbacher’s work “Hole Hilfe!” deals with the theme “What to do with all the garbage of IT society?” A tender cry for help that gets under the skin.

As if taken out of the cellar and yet so up-todate is the work “Superwoman” by Veronika Dreier and Eva Ursprung from 1988, adapted by Studio Asynchrom! Anita Fuchs is currently sitting in her research laboratory “Field Station”, for which she has leased a meadow in southern Styria. There she records the immediate surroundings and gains insights into nature. In his works, Oliver Ressler gets to the bottom of things unimpressed. You have to look closely to recognize the Graz airport in the green spaces in “Reclaiming Abundance.” Marianne Lang immediately turns the Kunsthaus into a “house in the green”. We incomparably friendlier the alien looks the same.

Plurality from urban and rural life at the challenges of the future between technologization, rationalization, digitization and distancing should come together in a respectful dialogue. Keywords such as unlearning, open source, sharing, which have already preoccupied us for the last eight years and more, meet new terms such as DeepLearning, 2050, 1.5°, which stimulate reflection on the future. The future becomes futures! And now?

The digital catalog of the exhibition can be downloaded and collects the works of the artists in the different thematic groups with keyword- like cross-references. In this way, it offers a theoretical guide to the many trains of thought, utopias and artistic works.

A supporting program of workshops, art talks and lectures can be found on the Kunsthaus website.

STEIERMARK SCHAU: was sein wird. Von der Zukunft zu den Zukünften
Kunsthaus Graz
Lendkai 1
8020 Graz