Roman Signer, Installation at the Bielbach / KUB Projekt 2021, Silvretta-Stausee at Bielerhöhe, Montafon

Roman Signer Installation am Bielbach Montafon Silvrettasee, Silvretta-Bielerhöhe im Montafon.


The sound of water high up on the mountain!

The KUB Project 2021 was commissioned to the Swiss artist Roman Signer, who chose the Bielerhöhe at the Silvretta reservoir as a highly exciting location. Where the Biel stream rushes into the Silvretta reservoir is also the border between Tyrol and Vorarlberg. Borders, or border areas, always have something slightly tense about them.

Using the natural situation, working with nature, as Signer is known for, the installation at the Bielbach can now be seen. The falling water is collected in a hose that is led down along the hiking trail, where it shoots out again from a fire hose nozzle just above the trail – over people’s heads – into the Silvretta reservoir. This has something intoxicating, theatrical and makes the viewer aware of the power and elemental force of nature and the element of water.

From July 10 to September 25, you can take part in the guided tour “Art and Culture on the Silvretta-Bielerhöhe” every Saturday and receive an introduction to this installation and other works by Miriam Prantl, Gottfried Bechtold and Herbert Albrecht at the Silvretta reservoir.
On July 25 and September 19, one can register for an excursion to the Bielerhöhe in Montafon with an introduction to Roman Signer’s installation at the Bielbach.

Roman Signer, Installation at the Bielbach
KUB Projekt 2021
Kunsthaus Bregenz
Postfach 45
6900 Bregenz