Kunst Raum Stadt with digital art works by Erwin Wurm / public space and Kunstraum Dornbirn

(c) Erwin Wurm

13.07. – 31.10.21.

Erwin Wurm is always good for a run!

Erwin Wurm’s works were seen in public space early on. Think of the One Minute Sculptures.

Art in public space has the charm that you can come across it by chance or seek it out specifically. The Münster Sculpture Projects thrive on this momentum.
Now Erwin Wurm participates in the art project in the public space Kunst Raum Stadt in Dornbirn, in which a completely new technology, which has already found its way into artistic practice, comes into play – Augmented Reality.

As if the perception of reality as it is were not enough, Augmented Reality (AR) can now be used. This involves the computer-assisted enhancement of the perception of reality.

In art, this offers the possibility of completing incomplete works or highlighting details, marking them and providing them with information.
For Kunst Raum Stadt, Erwin Wurm has specifically created artworks that users can make appear and use digitally while walking through public space via the AR app Wikar.

As a candidate for the Capital of Culture year, Dornbirn can be seen as a model region for digital access to art in public space. This project repositions itself in public space and in the use of new media in dealing with art in public space and sets new aspects, as Erwin Wurm already did with his works in contemporary sculpture.

Kunst Raum Stadt
13.07. – 31.10.21
Kunstraum Dornbirn im Stadtgarten Dornbirn
Jahngasse 9
6850 Dornbirn