Grazotopia: GrazPlanung / FORUM STADTPARK, Graz

(c) Julia Gaisbacher, Terrassenhaussiedlung

01.07. – 21.07.2021.

The city – a place of the future!

Utopian thoughts have both something surreal and something very free about them – in any case, they are unbound and forward-looking. Unbound by specifications or previous ideas, forward-looking towards something possible, something new.

Now, when experts come together to explore a future for Graz, a city that is currently being densified and every little free space is being built on, then utopian things can emerge.

However, the residents are not left out, and so the GrazForschung project within the framework of Graz2020 has developed into the GrazPlanung series, which is currently taking place at FORUM STADTPARK.

In three stages, the great utopia of Graz of the future is being approached. From July 1-7, local and international experts* including : Jan Philipp Dapprich (physicist and economist, Glasgow), Gabu Heindl (architect, activist and urban planner, Vienna), Ulrich Schachtschneider (social scientist and energy expert, Oldenburg), Oleg Šuran (communication designer, Split), Markus Bogensberger (architecture and urban planning) and Gerhard Wohlfahrt (economics) came together for the UtopiaIncubator. They drew a first sketch for the future development of Graz on the three pillars housing, energy and land(politics).

Just in the course, from July 8-14, students and city dwellers could register for the UtopiaSchool and learn in seminars and lectures to develop a systemic and analytical understanding of existing urban structures and processes as well as to work out utopian designs for the future.

The final event will be the UtopieLabor, form July 15-21. The graduates of the UtopiaSchool will develop their own visions of the future for the city of Graz in workshops under the guidance of an international teaching team.

In times that demand something new, exciting things can be expected here.

Grazotopia: GrazPlanung
01.07. – 21.07.2021
Stadtpark 1
8010 Graz