Musikprotokoll „Nomadic Sounds“ 2021 / Graz

(c) pexels

07. – 10.10.2021.

In addition to numerous live concerts, this year’s festival also offers sound installations, audio walks, music theater and projects conceived for the Internet and Ö1. The festival will open with an installation by Natasha Barrett, “Inversion 3: Speaking Surfaces.” The artist creates three-dimensional soundscapes. For this purpose, the artist uses two loudspeaker prototypes that precisely focus sound beams and radiate them onto the surrounding surfaces. The reflected sounds form a 3-D soundscape in which familiar environments are experienced in a completely new way. Her site-specific installation Inversion 3: Speaking Surfaces is part of the Reconfiguring the Landscape project, which aims to create a new awareness of our environment. Using a high-resolution 3-D microphone, the sound field of public space in Graz is captured and analytically dissected. Subsequently, the inaudible is amplified and everything is reassembled. The inaudible becomes audible, supposed background noise becomes an exciting event.The entire rest of the program can be found online.

Musikprotokoll „Nomadic Sounds“ 2021
07. – 10.10.2021