SilvrettAtelier Montafon 2020 / Kunstforum Montafon, Vorarlberg

(c) Isa Schmidlehner, "Gruß aus den Alpen", 2020, Struktur aus Pappmaché und Glimmerschiefer gerieben

17.09. – 17.10.2021.

 Hoch hinaus, der Up high, the art its freedom!

Every two years since 1998, artists have been invited to the SilvrettAtelier in Vorarlberg. Here they find high alpine natural conditions and have two weeks of time for the artistic examination of the environment and their own artistic activity.

What follows is an exhibition of the resulting works.

In the summer of 2020, Regula Dettwiler, Markus Hiesleitner, Roland Haas, Franz Lun, Sabine Marte, Isa Schmidlehner, Payer/Gabriel and Roman Pfeffer came together on the Versettla.

Their works are documented in the catalog “2000 m above sea level” and can now be seen at Kunstforum Montafon.

SilvrettAtelier Montafon 2020
17.09. – 17.10.2021
Kunstforum Montafon
Kronengasse 6
6780 Schruns