Tanz ist exceptional Herbst 2021 / Spielboden, Dornbirn

(c) Simon Mayer

06. – 11.09.2021.

Dance Workshops, a film and a performance by, around and with Simon Mayer are on the program of “Tanz ist exceptional” in September at Spielboden Dornbirn.

In the run-up to Simon Mayer’s performances, there is the opportunity to attend a workshop with him: “In my workshop we practice “states of movement”. The movements and the expression arise more from a flowing state than from active movement. Everyone knows the moment when the head comes into play and blocks us with countless thoughts and evaluations and we move more and more away from free flow, from improvising, from spontaneity and from trust in our intuition. In my workshop, I teach a practice of surrendering fully to the knowledge and wisdom of one’s own body to find the path to and tap into one’s full creative potential. In this state, self-judgment, thoughts and blocks are replaced by self-determination, free flow and mindfulness,” says Simon Mayer.

Matching the performance “Being Moved” by Simon Mayer, the “tanz ist exceptional” shows the feature film “A Larger World” by Fabienne Berthaud. Shaman Corine Sombrun (played in the film by Cécile de France) worked with Simon Mayer on the performance “Being Moved”. Fabienne Berthaud filmed with Cécile de France the true story of Corine Sombrun, which she processed in the book “My Life with the Shamans”. A larger world – that’s what Corine discovers when she falls into a trance during a shamanic ritual in Mongolia. Despite her family’s resistance, she embarks on a spiritual journey along ancient and forgotten paths. A journey that will change her life and her European outlook forever.

The performance “Being Moved” by Simon Mayer explores different states of “being moved”. What moves us, what does it mean to be moved? “Being Moved” is a performance of transgression and transformation that immerses you in the unknown, where breath becomes movement and vice versa. A dance that inspires to fully exploit the expressive potential at hand – based on spontaneous creativity rather than fixed rules. A dance that explores what makes us move and what moves us. In celebration of our imagination, Simon Mayer shares the stage with (in)visible performers who explore what we perceive, believe and feel as reality.

Tanz ist exceptional mit Simon Mayer
06. – 11.09.2021
Spielboden Dornbirn
Färbergasse 15
6850 Dornbirn