Randa Mirza „Beirutopia & View from Home“ / Fotohof, Salzburg

(c) pexels

12.08. – 25.09.2021.

Dichotomy and juxtaposition: in the exhibition dedicated to her at the Fotohof, Randa Mirza shows virtual real estate renderings against the real background of her hometown Beirut. Since the end of the Lebanese civil war, Beirut has been striving to regain its luster through a building boom fueled by large inflows of foreign capital. To advertise their buildings, real estate agencies mount giant billboards around construction sites depicting the result of their city views; these image syntheses simulate the buildings, their interiors, surroundings, ghostly inhabitants, and lifestyles. During the last ten years, Randa Mirza has photographed these virtual renderings, against the backdrop of the real city of Beirut. Her “Beirutopia” series reflects the transformation of the city of Beirut, heralding the bursting of the Lebanese economic bubble and the ongoing financial collapse.

Randa Mirza „Beirutopia & View from Home“
12.08. – 25.09.2021, Eröffnung am 12.08.2021
Inge-Morath-Platz 1-3
5020 Salzburg