Elisabeth Grübl, Roman Pfeffer / Traklhaus

Elisabeth Grübl, o.T. Ostia, 2007, Fotografie, 57 x 80 cm

03.09. – 16.10.2021.

The Traklhaus is exhibiting works by Elisabeth Grübl and Roman Pfeffer in a double exhibition. Grübl studied sculpture with Bruno Gironcoli at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna until 1996. Her work includes indoor and outdoor installations, video, laser and sound works, computer animations, interactive installations and contextual works, concepts, photographs and objects. Roman Pfeffer also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, but from 1996 onwards. Irony, transformation and condensation determine the approach with which Roman Pfeffer gets to grips with everyday objects of daily use as well as fine art. His works do not remain bound to a particular medium, but move playfully between the individual genres, between architecture, sculpture, but also painting and graphics, as well as applied art.

Elisabeth Grübl, Roman Pfeffer 
03.09. – 16.10.2021
Waagplatz 1a
5020 Salzburg