Ana Hoffner ex-Prvulovic* & Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski / Kunsthalle Wien

(c) Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski,

22.10.2021 – 06.03.2022.

Art – Artist – Culture!

Curator Anne Faucheret has invited two female artists to show their works at Kunsthalle Wien.

Ana Hoffner ex-Prvulovic* explores her own life story, gender roles, and survival strategies through multimedia installations that combine film, photography, objects, and text.

Her work “Freud Film” (2019-21) combines image sequences from the Siegmund Freud Museum in Vienna, which has not yet been rebuilt, with various archival film and text materials that overlap.

Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski’s video work “Unearthing. In Conversations” (2017) is a recording of a performance on camera. Kazeem-Kaminski sits on a stage in front of an empty auditorium and removes cardboard boxes of old photographs from the era of colonialism.

While handling the photographs, the artist engages in conversations with the people depicted, trying to find ways to communicate beyond racist perspectives of a colonial archive and thinking.

The artist’s direct gaze into the camera creates an urgency and intensity that is captivating and thought-provoking.

Ana Hoffner ex-Prvulovic & Belinda Kazeem- Kaminski
22.10.2021 – 06.03.2022
Kunsthalle Wien
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Wien