Slash Filmfestival 2021 / Wien

(c) "Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes" Japan 2021

23.09. – 03.10.2021.

From horror to science fiction, from award-winning productions to insane splatter orgies – at the Slash Film Festival, every lover of the genre gets their money’s worth. From eagerly awaited genre novelties to celebrated classics, this year’s festival once again knows how to inspire with a well-assorted program.

This year you can see Travis Stewart’s Jakob’s Wife (US 2021).
In this whimsical horror comedy, a vampire bite leads to the psychosexual empowerment of an unhappily married pastor’s wife: a life role for the fabulous genre cinema icon Barbara Crampton, who also produced JAKOB’S WIFE.

Or the Amusement Park by George A. Romero from 1973: Six years after NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, the zombie great Romero made this utility film on behalf of a Lutheran charity and distilled in it his unease about society, civilization and capitalism into a clear, bitter and blackly satirical essence. Stamped out and locked away by his religious patrons, the unforgettable not-at-all-funny film proves to be one of Romero’s key works today.

And: Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (Japan 2021) tells an amusing science fiction story about the café owner Kato, who discovers that his TV is broadcasting two minutes ahead of time. When he tries to get to the bottom of the matter, first his employee and later several friends join him. Fascinated by this phenomenon, they soon start looking for a way to use it for themselves, but they have to be careful not to mess up the space-time continuum. 

The Slash Film Festival will be held at the Stadtkino, Filmcasino, Schikaneder and the METRO Kinokulturhaus. In addition to the film program, fans can also look forward to iconic accompanying events inside and outside the cinemas.

Slash Filmfestival 2021
23.09. – 03.10.2021
various locations