Mirjam Baker: Staub / Kunstforum Wien


03.10. – 21.11.2021.

Dust and color!

Austrian artist Mirjam Baker immerses the tresor at Kunstforum Wien in color(s).

In the twelve sequences of the installation Dust, the viewer enters vibrating color surfaces – from rich purple to strong magenta to intense phthaloblue. Painted with ultra-fine pigment and animated as a film, the monochrome projections develop a nuanced spatiality as they are viewed.

Baker developed the soundtrack to Staub in collaboration with Carl Ludwig Hübsch, and it was set to music by bass flutist Angelika Sheridan. Acoustic and visual perception are expanded in this installation that interweaves the media of painting, film, and sound; monochrome and monotony open up new sensory spaces of experience.

Mirjam Baker: Staub
03.10. – 21.11.2021
Kunstforum Wien
Freyung 8
1010 Wien