Theaternyx*: über.morgen (about.tomorrow) SALZBURG / Szene Salzburg


05. – 06.11.2021.

How do we experience the world of tomorrow today?

über.morgen (about.tomorrow) SALZBURG is a fun and playful narrative about time, possible future scenarios and our current scope for shaping the future. Due to its socio-political themes and participatory approach, the audio walk is particularly well suited for teenagers and young adults.

Guided by a narrative voice via headphones, visitors embark on an encouraging journey. They hear and see urban space as they have never experienced it before. Salzburg in the year 2050.

The production is a revival of the summer scene success!

Theaternyx*: über.morgen (about.tomorrow) SALZBURG
05. – 06.11.2021
SZENE Salzburg
Anton-Neumayr-Platz 2
5020 Salzburg