Christmas Tree Film Set / Schlossmuseum Linz

(c) Christmas Tree Film Set, 2021. Installation von Anna Jermolaewa und Manfred Grübl.

27.11.2021 – 02.02.2022.

Christmas – like a movie in a loop! It comes again and again!

A car parked on the side of the road, the driver’s door open, the driver apparently having just left the car for a “pit stop”; from the trunk of the car an absurdly huge Christmas tree juts far into the room.

Upon entering the foyer of the Schlossmuseum Linz, visitors are greeted by the installation by Anna Jermolaewa and Manfred Grübl.

Exemplary of the rituals and activities that have become habitual around Christmas, the two artists make a humorous and narrative statement in the room.

Christmas Tree Film Set
27.11.2021 – 02.02.2022
Schlossmuseum Linz
Schlossberg 1
4020 Linz