Sabine Scholl liest aus „Wir sind Früchte des Zorns“ / Online, Literaturhaus Graz

(c) Sabine Scholl. Photo: Uta Tochtermann.


Sabine Scholl reads from her novel “Wir sind Früchte des Zorns”. With a lecture by Beate Tröger followed by a discussion with Klaus Kastberger.

The event will be recorded without an audience on Monday, Nov. 29 at 7 p.m. in the Alte Schmiede.

The title of the novel We Are the Fruits of Wrath (2013) refers to John Steinbeck’s novel Fruits of Wrath, which tells the story of a family from Oklahoma in search of a better future. Sabine Scholl’s novel also unfolds the story of a family over four generations from the point of view of the narrator, who bears autobiographical traits of the author. It focuses attention on the women of this family, on their not infrequently desperate attempts to refuse or abandon the roles assigned to them. The (physical) experiences of the protagonists are explored. At the same time, the novel, which alternately illuminates tensions between autonomy and dependencies in close-ups and in recourse to historical events, is a genesis of writing out of pain, showing “that writing can go beyond the experience of a story.” (Beate Tröger)

In cooperation with Alte Schmiede and StifterHaus Linz.

Sabine Scholl liest aus „Wir sind Früchte des Zorns“
Literaturhaus Graz