Dora Budor / Kunsthaus Bregenz, Vorarlberg

(c) Dora Budor , KUB Kollektorgang, 2021. Foto: Dora Budor, Kunsthaus Bregenz.

19.03. – 26.06.2022.

Authentic place, newly interpreted!

In the anniversary year of the Kunsthaus Bregenz is a series of solo exhibitions. The beginning is made by Dora Budor, which continues the series of site-specific installations anniversary year.

Budor combines questions about architecture with those about geology and natural sciences. Inaccessible layers of earth lying deep beneath the Kunsthaus Bregenz are temporarily uncovered, cast and presented as free-standing sculptures in the rooms.

The artist creates installations, environments and sculptures that, through their atmospheric scenographies, recall moments of the cinematic experience. She explores the history of cinema and architecture to merge concepts of reality and fiction in new ecosystems. Her works often incorporate used film props, special effects, and historical remnants of utopian architecture. Budor inserts the history of the found object into a new narrative, evoking an uncanny form of memory and emotional connection in the viewer.

Dora Budor
19.03. – 26.06.2022
Kunsthaus Bregenz
Karl Tizian Platz
6900 Bregenz