Marion Kalter: Deep Time / Museum der Moderne Salzburg

(c) Marion Kalter, Chabenet, Frankreich, 1978, Silbergelatineabzug. © Bildrecht, Wien, 2022.

26.02. – 22.05.2022.

Immerse yourself in the image of childhood!

The photographs of the Austrian artist Marion Kalter are always about people. The artist was already interested in them as a young journalist. These include such well-known authors as Anaïs Nin or Susan Sontag, but also visual artists such as Joan Mitchell and Meret Oppenheim.

The jazz poet Ted Joans, whom she met in 1974 and who introduced her to the jazz scene and surrealism, also played an important role. Kalter, on the other hand, met photographers primarily at the legendary Rencontres de la photographie in Arles in the mid-1970s.

Deep Time is a search for traces of Kalter’s childhood. On display are historical photographs and images of objects she liberated from suitcases and documented after the death of her parents. The sensitively staged photographs, which capture different time levels, allow Kalter’s complex family history to become vivid.

Through her unreserved experimentation with coincidence, a dense fabric of images has emerged over the years, culminating in the exhibition with a series from 2017: a journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication in German and English published by Hartmann Books, Stuttgart.

Marion Kalter: Deep Time
26.02. – 22.05.2022
Museum der Moderne Salzburg
Wiener-Philharmoniker-Gasse 9
5020 Salzburg

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