23. Internationales Akkordeonfestival / Wien

(c) Internationales Akkordeonfestival, Wien 2022.

19.02. – 20.03.2022.

Ambitious and at no time certain – but it will take place!

With an Austrian focus, the Accordion Festival starts with the opening gala with Otto Lechner & die Wiener Zieharmonier and Vivane Chasot & Franziska Fleischanderl.

This year also marks the 101st birthday of Astor Piazzolla. Piazzolla’s importance to music, and in particular that played with accordion/bandoneon, cannot be overstated at any time!

In addition, there are the tried and true elements of the festival, such as the silent film matinee and workshops.

23. Internationales Akkordeonfestival
19.02. – 20.03.2022
various locations