Richard Kriesche: a solo exhibition a solo presence / Museum der Moderne Salzburg

(c) Richard Kriesche, videotherapie, 1979. Documentation of the project Kinderspital, Graz 1979-80. Video (color, sound), 25 min. Permanent loan of the artist, Sammlung Generali Foundation - permanent loan at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Courtesy: Generali Foundation Collection - on permanent loan at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg.

26.03. – 02.10.2022.

A pioneer of the principles of dematerialization, electronization and informatization!

In his artistic work, Richard Kriesche very soon left contextual painting behind and turned to media art – a young, even progressive style of art at that time.

The exhibition at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg features a selection of Kriesche’s early conceptual paintings, his video and media projects since the 1970s, his preoccupation with genetics, with the aesthetics of capital, and the relationship between digitalization and spirituality.

The newly developed interactive installation of a self-space will be related to central groups of works by the artist.

The retrospective has been developed in close collaboration with the artist. It is based on the holdings of the Generali Foundation Collection and is complemented by loans from the artist and other collections.

Richard Kriesche: a solo exhibition a solo presence
26.03. – 02.10.2022
Museum der Moderne Salzburg
5020 Salzburg