PERFORMdANCE #32 – International Workshop & Performance Festival / Tanzimpulse, Salzburg

(c) PerformDance 2022. Foto: Julia Schwarbach.

09. – 14.04.2022.

It’s all about dance!

Tanzimpulse Salzburg, in cooperation with ARGEkultur, organizes a colorful and diverse program with exciting, cheeky, humorous and touching productions. Spanning from contemporary dance to performance, from the works of young talents to the productions of established ensembles, the festival is full of the joy of movement, poetry, new experiences and dynamics.

Beyond the performances, the workshop program invites everyone – from beginners, to advanced, to professional dancers – to a wide range of offerings with a variety of instructors from all parts of the world.

PERFORMdANCE #32 – International Workshop & Performance Festival
09. – 14.04.2022
various locations

ARGE Salzburg